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LabStrong Helix 150 BLR Accessories

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    Clamps adhere magnetically to LabStrong shaker platforms allowing for single-handed (tool-free) attachment and reconf...
      from   $86 USD
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    The Dual 10 to 50 ml EZ-Clamp is able to hold two flasks at one time (other EZ-Clamps hold one flask).
      $77 USD
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    The stainless steel EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp is a universal test tube rack clamp.
      $154 USD
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    The platform has numerous mounting holes that make the clamp configurations virtually endless.
      $56 USD
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    LabStrong removable non-slip mats are ideal for bottles and dishes that cannot be used with traditional clamping syst...
      $85 USD
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    This rugged non-wire test tube half rack is molded of autoclavable polypropylene and features a convenient end plate ...
      $46 USD