Universal Platforms

Category Orbital Shaker Accessories
Manufacturer Ohaus

Allows for mounting of flask clamps, test tube racks, and bottle clamps. Platform slides over top of included tray and is tightened with adjustment screws. Optional accessories screw directly into mounting point openings. 

The two-tier braces allow stacking of platforms with a 10” clearance (available for select sizes). An optional non-skid rubber mat can be placed on the platform for an added non-slip surface. The platform is constructed of type 304 stainless steel.

Description  Used on Shakers
11 x 13" Universal Platform  16kg Heavy Duty / Professional 3500,   
13 x 13" Universal Platform  16kg Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers
18 x 18" Universal Platform*  16kg Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers
18 x 24" Universal Platform*  16kg Heavy Duty, 23kg Heavy Duty** 
24 x 24" Universal Platform  45kg Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers
18 x 30" Universal Platform*  23kg Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers
24 x 36" Universal Platform  68kg Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers
Two-Tier Braces (set of 4) 16kg Heavy Duty, 23kg Heavy Duty

* Two tier ready
** Stacking of platforms is not recommended for Model 3750 and 23kg Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers


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