Shaking Incubator for Bacterial Growth: What to Know

By Kim McDonald, 13 November 2023

When culturing bacteria in a shaking incubator, several factors must be considered that will impact bacterial growth, including shaking speed, temperature, growth medium, and growth vessels. These will vary depending on your application, time course, bacterial strain, expression vectors, features of your incubator, and other factors. Shaking incubators continuously introduce dissolved oxygen into the culture medium, promoting aerobic bacterial growth. Choosing the proper settings and culture conditions is essential for producing the greatest yield while minimizing cell death and recombination events. 

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How to Make an Orbital Shaker

By Aimee O'Driscoll, 02 June 2021

Orbital shakers are vital pieces of equipment in many labs but they can often stretch the budget. We review several sets of instructions for building your own shaker for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

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Pay Attention to the Orbit Diameter!

By Carlton Hoyt, 04 November 2015

When purchasing orbital shakers, it's common for buyers to underestimate the importance of orbital diameter. We explain why you need to pay attention to this feature and explain how to choose the right diameter for your needs.

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