BSE Test Tube Racks

Category Orbital Shaker Accessories
Manufacturer Jeio Tech

Highly durable stainless steel test tube racks feature adjustable angle and tube height support without requiring any base plate. You can easily mount and release test tube racks.

Cat. No. Description Insert capacity of racks*
BS-06 BS-11
AAA44581 for 86 test tubes Ø8mm / Ø0.3˝ 1EA 2EA
AAA44582 for 86 test tubes Ø10mm / Ø0.4˝
AAA44583 for 58 test tubes Ø12mm / Ø0.5˝
AAA44585 for 32 test tubes Ø16mm / Ø0.6˝
AAA44586 for 19 test tubes Ø25mm / Ø1.0˝

* No declination.


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