Eppendorf SmartBlock™ DWP

Category Accessories
Manufacturer Eppendorf
Country of manufacture Germany
For Eppendorf Deepwell Plate 96/500 µL and 96/1000 µL

Optimized block design supports optimal temperature transfer within your sample to receive excellent results

Eppendorf SmartBlock-specific calibration by integrated sensor technology maximizes temperature accuracy and homogeneity

Every SmartBlock is individually inspected in production for temperature accuracy and is delivered incl. s serial-number specific certificate for documentation purpose

Insulated thermoblocks for ergonomic operation - you won't burn your fingers (PhysioCare Concept)

Automatic block recognition for safe handling

Eppendorf QuickRelease™ technology enables fast and simple block exchange - no need for tools

Limited to ThermoMixer C and ThermoStat C

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