Mats for ISF Shakers

Category Orbital Shaker Accessories
Manufacturer Jeio Tech

Designed for low-speed applications, non-skid rubber mats allow quick addition or removal of flasks, plates or tubes.

Rubber Mats ISF-7000 Series Shakers by Jeio Tech (29.7 in. x 20.5)

  • ISF-7100
  • ISF-7100R
  • ISF-7200
  • ISF-7200R

Lab Sticker for Jeio Tech Shakers

An alternative method for securing vessels to a shaker platform. Ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes that cannot be held on the universal platform with conventional flask clamps. For safe operation, gradual RPM increase is recommended.

  • Sticky Pad (7.9"×7.9"×0.2") compatible with all models

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