Julabo SW Series Reciprocating Water Baths

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The reciprocating SW Series Shaking Water Baths are ideal for routine applications, such as temperature control of samples, incubations, material testing, corrosion tests, cell cultivation, food and beverage testing.  The 20 L bath volume and working temperature ranges from +20 to +99.9°C qualify them for a wide variety of applications.


  • Working temperature range from +20 to +99.9°C
  • User-friendly operation via keypad
  • Bright LED-Display
  • Filling volume from 8 to 20 liters
  • Splash-proof design
  • Power switch integrated in keypad (patented)
  • High temperature stability of ±0.2°C (model SW22) or ±0.02°C (model SW23)
  • Dry-running protection with audible and optical alarm
  • Warning and cut-off protection for high/low temperature
  • Adjustable shaking frequencies from 20 to 200 RPM‘s in SW models
  • Convenient bath drains
  • Removable bottom plate and shaking insert
  • Lift-up bath cover (optional)
  • Wide selection of accessories for temperature control of samples
  • All wetted parts are made of stainless steel or high grade plastics

Julabo shaking water baths with seamless, splash-water protected keypad offer a high operating comfort. The bright LED multi-display indicating up to 6 temperature values is visible from across the lab. Advanced microprocessor technology with PID temperature control eliminates temperature overshoot and provides high temperature stability. The built-in timer simplifies time-dependent applications. The RS232 interface allows on-line communication with PC. Sensitive samples in the bath are well protected: As soon as the high and low temperature limits are reached an interval tone sounds. If the liquid in the bath reaches a minimum, a complete shut-down is effected and a permanent signal tone sounds. Instruments are conceived for unsupervised continuous operation. Bath tanks and all parts in contact with the bath liquid are made of high-grade stainless steel.


  • Microprocessor technology with PID temperature control
  • Bright LED multi-display
  • Seamless, splash-proof keypad
  • Splash-proof mains switch
  • Electronic timer for setting the running time (0:01 to 9:59 h:min)
  • On-line communication via built-in RS232 interface
  • Early warning system with high and low temperature limits
  • Drain screw for conveniently emptying the bath
  • Dry-running protection / safety temperature fixed at 130°C
  • Wide range of accessories including lift-up Makrolon bath cover available
  • EasyTemp control software is available free of charge
  • Removable shaking carriage
  • Shaking frequency adjustable from 20 to 200 rpm
  • Shaking frequency indicated on multi-display
  • Shaking stroke 15 mm
  • Integrated circulation pump

Lift-up Makrolon cover available as optional extra. RS232 interface cable available as an accessory.

Key Attributes
Type Shaking Water Bath
Platform Area (ft^2)
Platform Dimensions
Max Load (lb) No
Incubation Yes
Refrigeration No
Stacking No
RPM - Max 200
RPM - Min 20
Stroke Diameter (mm) 15 mm
Warranty 2 Years
Weight (lb) 51 lb
Width (in) 27.6"
Depth (in) 13.8"
Height (in) 10.2"
Manufacturer Specifications
Working temperature range (°C) 20 ... 99.9
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.2°C (model SW22) or ±0.02°C (model SW23)
Setting / display resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Display LED
Heating capacity (kW) 1
Bath opening / bath depth (W x L / D inch) 19.7 x 11.8 / 7.1
Filling volume (liters) 8 ... 20
Digital interfaces RS232
Optional Profibus
Ambient temperature 5...40 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (inch) 27.6 x 13.8 x 10.2
Weight (LBS) 51
Classification according to DIN12876-1 Classification I (NFL) according to DIN 12876-1
Included with each unit integrated circulating pump for best temperature stability and homogeneity
Bath cover optional 
Power requirement V / Hz / A 115/60/10 Additional voltage versions available
Shaking frequency rpm 20...200
Shaking stroke mm 15


  • Easy to read - Large LED temperature display for actual value and setpoint (resolution 0.1°C)
  • Several values at a glance - Large Multi-Display (LED), easy to read across the room, for actual value and up to 3 setpoints, warning functions, high temperature cut-off, selected pump stages (resolution 0.01/0.1°C)


  • Clearly structured, comfortable, splash-proof keypad for setpoint adjustment, high/low temperatures, timer and shaking frequency

Temperature Control

  • Precise PID temperature control with set control parameters, temperature stability ±0.2°C (model SW22) or ±0.02°C (model SW23)
  • High measuring accuracy - ‘Absolute Temperature Calibration’ for manual compensation of a temperature difference, 1-point calibration

Technical Features

  • Serial connection - RS232 interface for PC connection, e.g. for data communication and recording of measured values
  • Warning & Safety Functions
    • Early warning system for high/low temperature limits
    • Maximum safety for applications, optical and audible alarm, convertible to automated cut-off function
    • Only for non-flammable bath fluids - Classification I (NFL) according to DIN 12876-1
Technical changes may be made without prior notification.  Images may deviate from the original.

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