We've Cut and Simplified Our Shipping Rates!

By Douglas Rogers, 22 May 2014

At Laboratory Supply Network and OrbitalShakers.net, we're want to make your life as a researcher a little a bit easier and simpler.  That's why we're trying to help you find the right Orbital Shaker as easily as possible, and that's also why we just reduced and simplified our shipping & handling rates!  We've also decreased the threshold for free shipping to $3000 from $3500.  As before, the shipping rates we charge are a simple, flat-rate based on order price.  They're as follows:

$0 - $999 $25
$1000 - $1999 $18
$2000 - $2999 $10
$3000 or more Free!

That's the extent of it.  Simple.  Does it mean we're losing money on shipping?  You bet it does.  Do we mind?  If that's what it takes to better serve our customers, then not at all.

Happy shaking!