11 - 20 mm

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    Automatic shut off and alarms. 200mL-9L, 40-300 rpm, up to 50℃
    $3,000 USD   from   $2,670 USD
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    Intuitive LCD controller displays time, frequency and temperature 2-6L, 40-300rpm
    $800 USD   from   $712 USD
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    General purpose with a 3 mm orbit up to 1200 rpm or 15 mm orbit up to 300 rpm for shaking and vortexing
    $1,350 USD   from   $1,148 USD
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    The Helix 150BLR is designed for use in a CO2 incubator or humidity chamber and has a very low heat signature.
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    $2,050 USD   $1,681 USD
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    The Helix™ 250 is an open air orbital shaker used for various laboratory shaking applications.
    $2,282 USD   $1,842 USD
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    A heavy-duty, incubated orbital shaker designed for large workloads and continuous use.
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    $5,937 USD   from   $5,048 USD
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    Six side heating for excellent uniformity, Integral MAGic Clamp shaker, with dual beam IR sensor
    $8,665 USD   $7,366 USD
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    A compact, incubated, benchtop orbital shaker with a surprising amount of platform space.
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    $2,895 USD   $2,461 USD
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    Specially designed to be double-stacked on the floor or located on the lab benches.
    $8,166 USD   from   $7,732 USD
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    Transparent lid and gas spring supports for immediate and easy access to your samples.
    $5,732 USD   from   $5,433 USD
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    Compact design safely allows unattended temperature-controlled (heated & cooled) operation
    $6,042 USD   from   $5,205 USD
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    Incubator shaker allows unattended temperature-controlled (heated & cooled) operation.
    $8,952 USD   from   $7,489 USD
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    Space saving portability with real-time responsive speed control
    $1,408 USD   from   $1,308 USD
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    With speed control down to 3 rpm, the Orbi-Blotter™ is perfect for staining, blotting, and washing!
    $799 USD   $680 USD
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    A mid-capacity, but powerful, benchtop shaker. Shakes loads up to 14 lbs at speeds up to 300 rpm.
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    $1,539 USD   $1,309 USD