11 - 25 lb

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    Compact, flat shaker with ideal swivel motion, for a maximum shaking weight of 7.5 kg.
    $2,754 USD   from   $2,310 USD
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    Compact design safely allows unattended temperature-controlled (heated & cooled) operation
    $6,042 USD   from   $5,205 USD
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    Space saving portability with real-time responsive speed control
    $1,408 USD   from   $1,308 USD
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    A mid-capacity, but powerful, benchtop shaker. Shakes loads up to 14 lbs at speeds up to 300 rpm.
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    $1,539 USD   $1,309 USD
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    Designed for incubated & humidified environments. If you want to put a shaker inside an incubator, this is the one!
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    $3,085 USD   from   $2,623 USD
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    Dual-action orbital or reciprocating benchtop platform shakers accommodate flasks up to 6L
    $1,836 USD   from   $1,730 USD
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    Smooth and quiet motions for mixing in culture dishes, flasks, and beakers up to 16.5 lbs.
    $1,135 USD   $908 USD
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    An incubated orbital shaker with digital temperature, time, and speed control.
    $7,013 USD   $5,317 USD
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    Plenty of platform space and optional refrigeration. High-speed model available - up to 850 RPM!
    $8,722 USD   $6,608 USD
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    Specially designed to be triple-stackable 7.1 cu ft each, -20 or +10 up to 80°C
    $10,672 USD   from   $10,044 USD