Benchmark Scientific

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    Assorted tube and microplate holders
      from   $61 USD
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    A quiet, efficient, flexible vortexer with no-walk feet and a range of attachments.
    $244 USD   $208 USD
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    Flat head, Horizontal tube, or Combination microplate & microtubes holders
      from   $34 USD
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    Reversible top platform, cup or flat-dimpled surface. Continuous or touch operation up to 3,200 rpm
      from   $271 USD
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    Heavy-duty, high-throughput vortexer for mixing entire racks of tubes.
    $2,620 USD   $2,228 USD
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    Blocks for accommodating a variety of tube sizes
      from   $259 USD
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    An optimal method for vortexing and incubating microplates
    $1,550 USD   from   $1,318 USD
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    A heavy-duty, incubated orbital shaker designed for large workloads and continuous use.
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    $5,937 USD   from   $5,048 USD
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    Six side heating for excellent uniformity, Integral MAGic Clamp shaker, with dual beam IR sensor
    $8,665 USD   $7,366 USD
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    A compact, incubated, benchtop orbital shaker with a surprising amount of platform space.
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    $2,895 USD   $2,461 USD
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    Flask clamp, tube, and bottle rack attachments for MAGic Clamp™ platforms
      from   $28 USD
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    The MAGic Clamp™ platform for Benchmark Scientific shakers allows easy, instant reconfiguration of the shaker platform.
      from   $220 USD
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    Accomidates 1.5/2.0ml & 0.5ml tubes
      $78 USD
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    Combines a traditional cup head for general purpose mixing with a Multi-Head™ that holds up to 8 microcentrifuge tubes.
    $275 USD   $235 USD